Comprehensive English

This comprehensive class will improve all aspects of your English, and get you speaking fluently and confidently in no time! Covering grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction and more!
Available in: Group | One on One

Business English

For those looking to improve their English for the workplace, this course will teach you English in realistic scenarios that improve how you speak to colleagues, clients and bosses.
Available in: Group | One on One

What you learn
Conversation Practice

EnguruTalk focuses on improving your Spoken English through conversation practice. Each class focuses on practice through conversation with your teacher rather than memorization and other old-fashioned techniques. Our recognized teaching methods will have you speaking fluently in no time!

Group Classes

enguruTalk’s signature group classes are available for you to join 24x7. No matter when or where you are, just log in and join! These small, intimate classes will help you practice your Spoken English as you speak with other people of the same level of English guided by our expert teachers.

Skill Based Classes

Our short-skill based classes focus on specific topics that you want to improve. Read more about them here.

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