Group English Classes

Improving your English fluency is easiest in a group. Our online English group classes for adults are conducted by internationally trained teachers. Choose the right group; be it for Comprehensive English or for Business English. All you have to do is give an online test to know which level you are at, and then easily schedule classes whenever you want for that level. The basic English speaking course will not only help you speak confidently but will also give you a platform to practice speaking correctly. With group classes, you practice speaking with people just like you, from all around the world. Each one of you begins at the same level and will have similar learning experiences. Your expert teacher is there to guide you along the way. A group English speaking course is easy to book and is the right way to go if you want to improve your English in no time!

Key Features of Group English Classes

  • Group classes with experienced teachers
  • Choose your own schedule
  • Learn in an online classroom!
Starting from: ₹ 1499
Learn English in groups
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